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Merboy is the referring to the young merman Melody meets in Atlantica.

Physical appearanceEdit

Despite being at least under 15, he is surprisingly muscular, he has a relatively handsome face with neck length blond hair with green eyes.



Alex first met Melody while she was wandering around Atlantica, where she developed a crush on him, and vice versa.


Alex is apparently best friends with the mergirl he calls to meet Melody, he may or may not have a feelings for her this is not expanded on.

Asian MerboyEdit

Alex is apparently best friends the asian merboy.


  • Some fans theorize that he may be the young man that Melody met at her birthday party due to their similarities in appearance, although Alex has green eyes while the young man has blue, and he has different hair and lacks the dark and light streaks in it. Alex also has a tanner complexion and speaks with an American accent while the young man speaks with a British accent.
  • Also, due to his similar appearance, many fans believe him to be Urchin's son.

Gallery Edit

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