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Les Poissons
The Little Mermaid 1989 CD
René Auberjonois
Released December 13, 1989
October 14, 1997 (Re-release)
October 3, 2006 (Special Edition)
Recorded 1988-89
Length 1:33
Label Walt Disney Records
Produced by Alan Menken
Howard Ashman

"Les Poissons" is a song from the film The Little Mermaid. The song is sung the comical chef, Chef Louis. It is a short comic relief song and ends with a classic chase scene between Louis and Sebastian.


Les poissons, les poissons How I love les poissons Love to chop and to serve little fish

First I cut off their heads Then I pull out their bones Ah mes oui, savez toujours delice

Les poissons, les poissons Hee hee hee, haw haw haw With a cleaver I hack them in two I pull out what's inside And I serve it up fried God, I love little fishes, don't you?

Here's something for tempting the palette Prepared in the classic technique First you pound the fish flat with a mallet Then you slash off their skin' Give their belly a slice Then you rub some salt in 'Cause it makes it taste nice

Zut alors, I have missed one!

Sacre bleu, what is this? How on earth could I miss Such a sweet little succulent crab Quel Domage, what a loss Here we go, in the sauce Now some flour I think just a dab. Now I stuff you with bread. It don't hurt, 'cause you're dead! And you're certainly lucky you are 'Cause it's gonna be hot in my big silver pot! Tout-aloo mon poisson Au revoir


  • "Les poissons" means "the fish(es)" in French and is plural for "le poisson".

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