King Neptune was the father of Poseidon in Disney's Greek Mythology. "Neptune" was also Poseidon's Roman counterpart. He appeared in "King Neptune (Silly Symphonies)", angry because sailors had been hurting his mermaids. He was the grandfather of Triton, and the great-grandfather of Ariel and her sisters.

He is probably based on Oceanus, a Titan from before the Gods, because he was before Poseidon (a God). Also, Oceanus was Poseidon's uncle, and here he is his father.

King Neptune
Placeholder person
Character Oceanus/Neptune (myths)
Gender Male
Race Merman/God
Occupation King/God of the Sea
Status Desceased
Family Poseidon (son)

Triton (grandson) Ariel (great granddaughter)

Appearances KING NEPTUNE (Silly Symphonies)

Little Mermaid (mentioned)

Voice Actor Tom Kenny