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The Stegosaurus is a prehistoric dinosaur and is also seen in Land of the Dinosaurs. He is also somehow land breathing and aquatic, possibly due to the trident's powers.

The Stegosaurus was freed by Ariel and the other dinosaurs. Then he sees the Tyrannosaurus Rex and battles the hungry carnivore. The Stegosaurus goes on a rampage with T-Rex nad Triceratops and they destroy the vacation area. The Stegosaurus and the Triceratops are scared away by the humback whale family.

The Stegosaurus is last seen happy with the Triceratops and the Brontosaurus family on land where Triton found their island home.


Stegosaurus is shown to have a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. However, in reality, it actually and a small mouth with a beak and flat teeth, which were used to chew on the leaves of trees or other types of plants.