The Real Thing (Kiss the Girl)
The Little Mermaid Greatest Hits
Felicia Barton
Released September 24, 2013
Recorded 2013
Length 2:55
Label Walt Disney Records

"The Real Thing (Kiss the Girl)" is a song released on The Little Mermaid Greatest Hits. The song is performed by Felicia Barton and runs for two minutes and fifty-five seconds (2:55). It is written by Andy Dodd and Melissa Peirce with featured lyrics and composition by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman taken from "Kiss the Girl". Dodd also mixed and produced the song.


Lyrics are shown as they appear in the liner booklet for The Little Mermaid Greatest Hits.

I have chased a thousand sunsets
Into the twilight
I got lost along the way
Hoping for a sign

And then out of the nothing
Like a lighthouse you were there
Everything I needed
Suddenly appeared

Like a midnight star
Falling from the sky
I never thought I'd ever find it

Shining in the dark
Lighting up the night
You're the answer in the silence

I been looking for the missing piece
You're the one I need
I found the real thing

Like the water, like the air I breathe
You're apart of me
I found the real thing

You're the reason I was searching
The hope I waited for
Turned the shadows all around me
Into something more

I've uncovered the secret
Put together all the pieces
And now I'm never ever letting go


Sha la la la la la, oh eh oh
I found the real thing
You're the real thing
Sha la la la la la, oh eh oh
I found the real thing


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