The Washerwomen are minor characters who appeared in The Little Mermaid

They only appear in a scene where they were washing clothes outside in the courtyard of Prince Eric's castle and gossiping about Prince Eric and finding a perfect girl for him. They apparently were oblivious to Sebastion inside Ariel's rags.

They resemble the witches from The Black Cauldron.


The Little MermaidEdit

"Since when has Gertrude gotten anything right?"

The Washerwomen appear breifly in the film. Sebastian gets unwittingly scooped up in Ariel's dress by Carlotta, the Head Maid, and she takes it to be washed. Carlotta was oblivious to Sebastian's presence in the clothing, thus throwing the tattered dress, along with Sebastian, into a large basin filled with soapy water. Sebastian sputtered out for a breif moment, only to be scooped up again by the hands of one of the Washerwomen. Three Washerwomen stood around the Basin and gossiped about Ariel's arrival. The unflattering gossip continued on as they began to wash the laundry, with poor Sebastian being washed along too. He was vigorously scrubbed up and down the washboard as the maid cleaned the dress, and he hiccuped bubbles when she eventually pulled the laundry out.

Still oblivious to the Crab's plight, the washerwomen tossed Sebastian and the dress onto a conveyor belt, heading towards a wringer.  The worrisome crab cried out "Madame!" before being sent through the wringer and popped through the other side of the large machine, feeling sore and achey as he fell into a pile of clothes. The same Washerwomen from before scooped him and the clothes up and began to hang them up onto a moving clothesline. Still chatting about Ariel, the Washerwomen failed to noticed Sebastian slipping into the pockets of another shirt, and as the clothesline moved closer to the window, Sebastian saw his chance and made a leap through the window and landed straight into the kitchen.